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FAQ and general help

Can I upload my own samples from a PC?

Yes, as of version 1.2 you can use the sample upload feature in audio palette to load samples from any web browser as long as your computer and device are one the same local network. See below for details.

How do I get my own samples into audio palette?

There are 3 options to upload you own samples to audio palette

Use the sample upload feature in audio palette:

-make sure both your pc/mac and your iPad,iPhone or iPod touch are on the same local wifi network and have signal.

-open audio palette on your device and select "sample upload" from the menu.

-go to your pc/mac and enter the web address shown on the sample upload page in audio palette.

-browse to the audio file you want to upload and hit upload.

-repeat the upload process until you've loaded all the samples you want in the new palette.

-once all your samples are loaded, quit audio palette, and restart it.

-when audio palette opens it will load you samples into a "new palete" and open the palette options screen.

-name your palette, tell it what the tempo is, and give it a color if you like.

If you have a mac with 10.5x or later, you can use the companion app found here in the downloads section:

-make sure both your mac and your iPad,iPhone or iPod touch are on the same local wifi network and have signal.

-open audio palette on your device.

-open the audio palette companion app on your mac.

-the companion app should find your device automatically.

-drag the samples you wish to upload onto the companion app.

-make sure your device is selected, and hit upload.

-if you wish to change the name, tempo or color of you palette in the app you can do so in the palette options menu.

If you have an iPad:

-plug your iPad into you mac like you would to charge or sync.

-open iTunes, select your device, then navigate to the "apps" tab.

-scroll down in the app window and select "audio palette" in the "file sharing" section.

-drag all the samples you wish to load here, don't drag in a folder, just the files themselves.

-after your files have copied over (should happen automatically, if not then sync your device), close audio palette and restart it.

-name your palette, tell it what the tempo is, and give it a color if you like.

Can I upload more than one palete at a time

No, you can only load one palette at a time.

How many samples can I have in a palette?

-iPhone or iPod touch - 16.
-iPad - 32.

How big can the samples be?

-iPhone or iPod touch the total size of the palette can not be larger than 25mb.
-iPad total size cannot be larger than 50mb.

What file format do the files need to be in?

22k or 44k, 16 bit, .wav or .aif samples. Stereo or Mono. Other file formats may work but these are the only ones tested.

I've opened the palette options and looked all over, but I don't see where to set the tempo.

The Tempo setting is only available on user created palette, not on shipped palettes.

What does the tempo setting do? it doesn't change the tempo of my palette!

The tempo setting is only used to tell audio palette how to quantize your touch recordings. If audio palette knows the correct tempo for the palette, it can force your touch recordings to match the beat exactly.

What do the quantization options do?

You can set the level of quantization according to the note values (currently only quarter and eighth note values are availabe). So if you set the quantization to a quarter note, and then record a touch stroke that lasts 3.6 quarternotes, it will snap the recording length to 4 quarter notes and loop at that length in order to maintain sync with the samples. If the quantization was set to eighth notes instead, the same recording would snap to 7 eighth notes in length. Turning off quantization will play back your touch recordings exactly as they were entered.